Hi, my name is Daniel Griesser and I’m currently working in Austria/Graz as a PHP/Javascript Webdeveloper.
I created jCryption because I thought there must be an easier way to protect data of HTML forms in the internet than to install a SSL certifacte. So I started with jCryption and I hope it’s useful.
This is my first big official release of a plugin, so if you have any advice please let me know.


jCryption is licensed under the MIT and GPL license.
More information here.

Thanks to

I also want to thank John Resig and the rest of the jQuery Team for their great work.

Also thanks to David Shapiro for the BigInt and BarretMu JS-Libary, without his work this plugin would not exsist.

If you need any further information about the PHP functions, most of them are from the PEAR RSA_Crypt package.

AES implementation used from Chris Veness thanks very much!

And thanks to Andrei Luca for his LightWord WordPress Theme.

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